Review: Wand – 1000 Days

wand 1000 daysWand 

1000 Days (Drag City)


Wand are a band who work fast. A scant six months after the release of their last long player Golem, the Los Angeles-based quartet have somehow managed to recharge the batteries to their psyche-rock phasers and have delivered a further twelve tracks by way of 1000 Days. Never let it be said Wand are a band who rest on their laurels.

Being part of the Bay-Area ‘scene’, or in the case of Wand, living within a 50 mile radius of it, seems to have a prolific effect on those involved. The likes of Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin and Thee Oh Sees, who explore the same sonic pathways as Wand, are all well know for creating big bodies of work, but although these bands may drink from the same technicolour pool, they all also manage to retain their own individual identity, and Wand are no different.

1000 Days begins with ‘Grave Robber’, a hyperactive jam capable of holding your attention with an intense psychobilly gaze and presents itself as a song that would have sat comfortably snuggled next to any track on the latest Tame Impala album. But Wand are a band who really come into their own when they rev up the amps and deliver tracks like ‘Dungeon Dropper’. The rasping physicality of the sound is like a quagmire of 70s sludge and by the time ‘Lower Order’ comes around Wand truly hit their stride, which turns out to be a sprint between The Melvins and T.Rex.

But, perhaps counterintuitively, Wand peak when they explore the more subtle realms of their sonic arsenal. ‘Broken Sun’ and the title track ‘1000 Days’ harbour a more stripped down, low-key approach to their aesthetic.

It leads to a skeletal sound, but one that also lays bear the intricacies harboured in the mind of arch frontman Cory Hanson. It’s a slightly scary place, but one that 1000 Days ensures is well worth visiting.

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