Listen: HUNNY – ‘La Belle Femme’

HUNNYWith the nights drawing in and the weather getting colder, we could all do with a splash of colour to be liberally added to our lives. Luckily, South Californian Six-piece HUNNY have got truck loads of day-glo energy and they’re primed to send it flooding our way. 

Their new track ‘La Belle Femme’, taken from their debut EP Pain/Ache/Loving, builds on the type of hyperactive energy burning at the centre of their previous offerings ‘Cry For Me’ and Parking Lot’, but this time the band have turned up the anthem dial as far as it will go.

‘La Belle Femme’ is a chunky slice of big-beat pop that flickers with strobing guitar lines, tub-thumping beats and an infectiously baggy ethos, culminating in the musical equivalent of the bratty lovechild of Aztec Camera and !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk).

HUNNY are no strangers to getting the party started, and by the sounds of things, their singular approach to jagged dancefloor fillers is set to keep that party going for a long while yet.

Pain/Ache/Loving is out now on B3SCI.

Listen to ‘La Belle Femme‘ below.

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