Listen: Twin Limb – ‘Don’t Even Think’

twin limbTwin Limb are an applied example that first impressions can be deceiving. Usually when a band comes along brandishing nothing but a guitar, drums and an accordion, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were either in for a round of sea shanties or a line dancing class. But when those very same instruments are in the hands of Twin Limb, this assumption could not be more wrong. 

The Louisville-based trio manage to make conjuring up vast swathes of free flowing sonics look absolutely effortless, and if you’re in any doubt, all you have to do is listen to their new track ‘Don’t Even Think’.

Taken from the band’s forthcoming EP Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense, ‘Don’t Even Think’ has a mercurial, redemptive quality that shimmers through the echo chamber guitar work and melodic drone as the striding beat and gently harmonised vocals slowly swell into a giant pool of anthemic melody that could comfortably sit alongside the likes of Mazzy Star and Mercury Rev.

‘Don’t Even Think’ paces with the rushing beauty of a frozen stream; superficially glacial with a torrenting, icy and translucent underbelly. For a band that self confessionally describe their sound as ‘dream folk’, Twin Limb end up delivering so much more.

Anything Is Possible and Nothing Makes Sense is out on 13th November.

Listen to ‘Don’t Even Think‘ below.

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