Iceland Airwaves Spotlight #1: Wesen

WesenWho?Wesen (₩€$€₦). A duo consisting of Júlía Hermannsdóttir & Loji Höskuldsson.

Where?: Reykjavik, Iceland

Why?: If you care about catchy, glitchy pop-tinged madness and amazing jumpers, you should listen to this band.

Never underestimate the power of a good press shot. When it comes to a festival that has as many bands on offer as Iceland Airwaves, it’s important to stand out, and native duo Wesen certainly do that. It also helps that they both have an established musical background by way of their previous projects Oyama and Sudden Weather Change.

But as Wesen, Hermannsdóttir and Höskuldsson tap into their (even more) eccentric sides and have made a habit of blasting out sussinct nuggets of loop heavy electro infused with cheeky pop overtones.

Recent single ‘The Low Road’ is a slice of smooth late night looseness with a hazy atmosphere of slacker sheen.

Wesen are playing a slew of shows at Airwaves. Check them out here.

listen to ‘The Low Road‘ below.

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