Iceland Airwaves Spotlight #2: Bernard + Edith

imageWho?: Bernard + Edith

Where?: Manchester, UK

Why?: Perfect if you’re seduced by punchy art-pop with a dark side.

As the flury of musical activity continues at this year’s Iceland Airwaves, we continue to shine a spotlight on some of the artists that have got us more excited than a puffin in a warm lagoon filled with fish.

Bernard + Edith, as the name suggests, is a duo made up of Greta ‘Edith’ Carroll and Nick ‘Bernard’ Delap who hail from the wilds of Manchester, UK. But if you’re expecting the standard jangly indie that usually emanates from that part the world, you’re in for a welcome surprise.

Bernard + Edith generate a sound that bubbles with sinister energy as Bernard’s beats and frenetic loops underpin Edith’s powerhouse vocals that are uniformly delivered with textures ranging from Lydia Lunch to entry level Kate Bush.

Having released their debut album Jem earlier this year, the pair recently released a video for album stand-out ‘Heartache’, a track that exudes a heady mix of brawny electronics and a dark art-pop soul.

Check out more from Bernard + Edith here.

Watch the video for ‘Heartache‘ below.

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