Watch: FOXTROTT – ‘Shaky Hands’

foxtrottWhen it comes to developing catchy hooks and danceable beats, the last instrument you’d probably think of is the French horn… unless you’re FOXTROTT

Montreal-based artist Marie-Helene Delorme has made a habit of experimenting with unlikely sonics, and under the guise FOXTROTT she’s succeeded in combining elements of big-beat brass and twisted vocals to create a bombastic tower of danceable energy. All of which is encapsulated in her new track ‘Shaky Hands’.

‘Shaky Hands’, taken from FOXTROTT’s debut LP A Taller Us, released on One Little Indian, strides with a glimmering stomp and snaps with razor sharp beats that showcases Delorme’s natural knack for infectious off-kilter pop.

The video mines some serious, choreographed madness as dancers throw shapes amidst a quarry of gargantuan stonework, capturing the elemental nature of the track. It could also be a guide to how the pyramids were built in a disco-centric alternative universe.

Watch the video to ‘Shaky Hands’ below.

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