Listen: Fizzy Blood – ‘Sweat And Sulphur’

fizzy bloodSometimes, being caught off-guard can be an unnerving experience, and sometimes it can be unexpectedly exhilarating. Leeds-based five-piece Fizzy Blood have certainly delivered a sharp shock that falls into the latter camp with their new track ‘Sweat And Sulphur’. 

The track is taken from a forthcoming split 7″ with OFFICERS to be released on the newly forged singles club from Leeds-based label CPWM (Come Play With Me) targeted at highlighting some of the stand-out artists in the area. And if their latest offering is anything to go by, they’re doing a damn fine job of doing just that.

‘Sweat And Sulphur’ eases you in with a sinister middle-distance vocal underpinned by staccato guitar stabs that abruptly give way to an onslaught of high octane, post punk tinged boulders of guttural rock. It’s like listening to The Wedding Present on speedballs.

The track is released on a split 7″ with OFFICERS’ ‘Attack’ on 19 February.

Listen to ‘Sweat And Sulphur‘ below.

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