Listen: Sleepovers – ‘I Am Me & You Are You’

sleepovers.jpgSleepovers are a five-piece band. That’s pretty much all we know right now, but one resounding fact that’s abundantly clear is that they make some gloriously woozy sounds. The band have just released their first track, and it’s enticingly promising stuff.

‘I Am Me & You Are You’ ambles with a baggy, slacker pop sensibility and serves as a beautifully lackadaisical kiss-off. The track takes a post break-up narrative and gives it some teeth as the lines “It’s not like I forgot to mention / You are the most beautiful girl I’ve met / Don’t forget the times we’ve shared… I am me and you are you” are delivered with a wry vocal shoulder shrug and a tiny spit of venom.

If their opening salvo is anything to go by, Sleepovers have a forceful, underlying confidence that hints at a band with plenty more up their collective sleeve.

The band are set to play London’s Waiting Room on 21 January, so maybe some of the mystery will be revealed then. In the meantime, listen to ‘I Am Me & You Are You‘ below.


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