Listen – Nap Eyes ‘Lion In Chains’

nap eyesNap Eyes have a moniker that couldn’t be more apt. The Nova Scotia four-piece unfurled their hazy debut Whine of the Mystic back in 2014, and now the band are set to release their sophomore outing by way of Thought Rock Fish Scale on 5 February via Paradise of Bachelors

Ahead of the album, Nap Eyes have released lead track ‘Lion In Chains’, and it’s a near-seven minute ethereal epic.

‘Lion In Chains’ is awash with warm waves of flanged guitars and restrained brushes of rhythm that coalesce into a slow desert rock jam. But the resounding element is singer Nigel Chapman’s literate lyrics that bring the spirit of a long lost North American pastoral straight into the here and now. The track drifts in the air like a blissful smoke signal wafting under a flickering starlit sky.

Nap Eyes seem as though they can’t help but create a sound that fuses the energy of Modern Lovers with the distant crackle of the Velvet Underground and lend it the kind of introspective intelligence found in the likes of Bill Callahan.

Listen to ‘Lion In Chains‘ below.

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