Video of the week: Meilyr Jones – ‘Featured Artist’

meilyr jones.jpgYou already know who Meilyr Jones is referring to. We’ve all seen them, met them, been bored next to a bar by them. It’s those almost-rans of the entertainment industry. The kind of people who, following a brief run of success, now find themselves in a middle management admin position in a soulless office, who talk about their heydays at the slightest provocation.

These people are undoubtedly terrible, but when framed through the eyes of former Race Horses frontman Meilyr Jones, they take on a deeper dimension and instantly become more tolerable, even lovable.

During his new track ‘Featured Artist’, Jones tells the tale of one such person, all the while with his erudite tongue firmly in his cheek. Jones has more than made his mark across the gleaming marble of baroque pop, and his forthcoming album 2013 promises to impress his name even further.

‘Featured Artist’ shows off Jones’ acutely observational lyrics with his Morrissey-esque delivery turning out phrases like “I never mastered the art / Of my trembling heart” against show-tune levels of brass and strings. It’s elevated and it also holds a universal truth. Aren’t we all, in someways, ‘Featured Artists’?

Watch the video for ‘Featured Artist‘ below.


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