Listen: Hospital Ships – ‘All In Time’

hospital shipsBeginning as the brainchild of ex-Shearwater tour member Jordan Geiger, Hospital Ships has seen many different incarnations. Taking in a revolving cast of musicians, Geiger has held the helm of Hospital Ships steady and used the band to navigate the turbulent waters of his own person demons. 

Now, Geiger has enlisted the skilful hands of Swans percussionist Thor Harris (among others) to crate The Past is not a Flood, Hospital Ships’ fourth album, slated for release on 11 March via Graveface Records. And Geiger has seen fit to whet our collective appetites with the new track ‘All In Time’.

‘All In Time’ oozes with slick, soulful energy as the cyclical riff, underpinned by Harris’ percussion, drives the song into hypnotic territory.  But Geiger’s lyrics are where the true weight of the track lies. Ruminating heavily on the dark depths of human existence and its ultimate end, Geiger delivers the direct and undeniable closing refrain “We’re all going to die”.

But ‘All In Time’ is about as far removed from an exercise in existential wallowing as it’s possible to get. As the upbeat energy of the track effortlessly builds, you’ll find yourself taken to a place far more life affirming that you’d expect.

Listen to ‘All In Time‘ below.

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