Video of the Week: Beach Baby – ‘Sleeperhead’

beach babyWhen it comes to racing melodies and ragged rhythms, you’d be hard pushed to find a more worthy outfit than London-based four piece Beach Baby.

The band have released a successive run of burrowing earowrms but their new track ‘Sleeperhead’ is all set to nest deep into your brain and make a permanent home there. Beach Baby are a band who wear their influences on their collective sleeve with surf punk melodies and plenty of 90s shoegaze culminating in a wash of noisy slacker pop. ‘Sleeperhead’ launches off the top of the diving board with a propulsive guitar line that channels straight into the harmony drenched dual vocals and a mile-high chorus.

The video for ‘Sleeperhead’ follows a council estate Bonnie and Clyde as they kidnap 90s TV star Perry Benson and subject him to some questionable dancing.

Watch the video for ‘Sleeperhead‘ below. And if you like what you hear (don’t worry, you will) Beach Baby are touring throughout April. Check out the dates right here.

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