Listen: Pinemen – ‘Predictions’

pinemenSwedish four piece Pinemen may have only been together for just under a year, but they’re already proving themselves to be capable of creating some captivating sounds.

Having holed themselves up in various garages and home studios across Stockholm the band released their Pleasant Pain EP towards the end of 2015. Now the cheeky scamps have released this year’s opening salvo in the form of ‘Predictions’, and it shows Pinemen continuing to display their knack for creating breezy earworms infused with a tonne of attitude.

‘Predictions’ lets loose with a breezy, crunchy riff that sounds like Black Lips taking a ride along a sun-drenched beach, and also holds the kind of youthful, scrappy exuberance and charm Hinds have recently thrown our way.

The track out digitally and through a super limited 7″ by PNKSLM. If you want the 7″, pop over to Flying Vinyl.

Listen to ‘Predictions‘ below.

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