Listen: Holy Fuck – ‘Xed Eyes’

Holy_FuckIt’s been a while since the world has heard from Holy Fuck. Six years, to be precise. But a couple of months ago the band re-announced themselves with ‘TomTom’, their first new material since 2010’s Latin.

Now Holy Fuck are back with a second taste of their forthcoming album, Congrats due for release 27 May on Innovate Leisure.

‘Xed Eyes’ sees the Canadian four-pice at what is, quite possibly, the very top of their game. The track delivers a mountainous array of twisted effects and analogue loops, no doubt delivered by way of the band’s smorgasbord of tippy effects pedals and well worn Casio keyboards.

But in amongst all the madness, Holy Fuck can’t help but deliver a glitchy groove that’s impossible to ignore. The psychedelic swirls of off kilter melody will reel you in, but it’s ‘Xed Eyes’ dilated rhythm that will get you in the end.

Listen to ‘Xed Eyes‘ below.

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