Premiere: Ice Baths – ‘Keener’

ice bathsThe old adage ‘less is more’ can sometimes be a bit of a misnomer, but in the case of London based four piece Ice Baths, this approach has paid off in a big way.

The band have been tearing up stages, and the odd recording studio, for just over a year now and are all set to release their debut single in the form of double a-side “Ubik”/”Keener”, set for release on 19 August via EDILS Records.

The tracks form a yin/yang of explosive percussive energy and tightly wound Fall-esque restraint, and we’re proud to premiere the latter for you lucky people in the form of “Keener”.

The track hangs around a sinister riff that steadily encircles the infectiously gnarled bassline and baggy drums before the cloak is cast aside to reveal a chorus that bristles with off-kilter pop sensibilities. The whole thing comes together in a spiky post-punk onslaught that might be produced by the bastard lovechild of Gang of Four and Protomartyr.

The band say this of the track:

“Keener was a track we went back a forth with a bit in terms of how we wanted to actually record it, even up until the sessions at Sound Savers we were going between how “hard” we wanted to go with it. We sort of stumbled on the right balance we were after when Dan came up with a new end bassline, we refined the whole song to go for something a little more “The Fall” with the guitars and a bit less…”Stereo Sanctity”, we always had a tendency to go kinda hard with this song…but as the old adage goes… less is more sometimes.

The track is about someone who is so involved in having a good time & pleasing themselves they don’t see how much of a pushy creep they are being… I’m sure we’ve all known a few too many people like that!

Ice Baths play the Brixton Windmill all dayer on 3 September with Dignan Porch, Alex Chilltown + lots more.

Listen to “Keener” below.

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