Watch: Sofia Härdig – ‘Streets’

sofia hardig

These days it can seem as though everything we do is being controlled in some way. This is why it’s so refreshing when someone comes along and truly embraces the concept of freedom, especially when this approach results in subversive alt-pop gems. 

Enter Sofia Härdig. The Swedish native specialises in experimenting with tricky sonic structures as displayed in her previous single “The Girl in the Window” but her latest track “Streets” sees her give a playful wink to a solid Pixies-esque approach to 90s slacker rock.

The track delivers a confident Pavement swagger with plenty of attitude. It’s a heady mix that culminates in a resounding refrain in which Härdig, in a register that hits somewhere between Alison Moyet and Amanda Palmer, triumphantly repeats “Let love in”.

“Streets” is as accomplished as it is invigorating. And what makes this all the more surprising is how the song came together. The track, along with the rest of Härdig’s two-part EP The Street Light Leads To The Sea, were conceived during an intense three day session of improvisation, the only instruction was for each musician to go “free”.

You see? Embracing freedom can lead to some amazing things.

Watch the video clip for “Streets” below.

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