Listen: KROY – “Bones”

kroyMontreal-based artist Camille Poliquin knows a thing or two about melancholy. In fact her PR says she was born out of it, and if her new track “Bones” is anything to go by, we find this very easy to believe. 

Operating under the moniker KROY, Poliquin creates swirling waves of synth-drenched pop with a razor sharp, icy edge, and “Bones”, taken form her forthcoming Scavenger EP (out 23 September) takes this sonic ethos to new heights.

Poliquin says this of the track: “It’s about a relationship that was only possible in the sunlight but always behind closed doors. I just felt so helpless. I just wanted to be able to wake up with the other person at least once you know?”

And these elements of emotional push-and-pull manifest themselves in the textures that underline “Bones”. The skeletal beat and brittle synths are wrapped in Poliquin’s silken vocals that lift the track to an ascension of gloriously wistful pop.

Do yourself a solid and listen to “Bones” below.

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