Listen: Oxford Drama – ‘Melinda’

oxford-dramaRemember the steamy heat and sultry evenings of the summer? Nor do we, but that doesn’t matter when you’ve got Oxford Drama to keep you company as the nights draw ever closer. 

Małgorzata Dryjańska (vox/keys) and Marcin Mrówka (guitar/beats) have somehow found a way of distilling summertime and neatly packaging it into 4 minutes of breezy dream-pop in the form of new track ‘Melinda’. The track appears through a hazy mist of airy synths before unfurling into washes of silken guitar and Dryjańska’s lilting vocals.

But it’s not all soft embraces and marshmallow skies. In ‘Melinda’, Oxford Drama show they possess an undercurrent of baggy Manchester-esque attitude as the beat drives the track along with a baggy swagger. It’s like hanging out with Tape Waves and Beach House whilst coming down after a hard night at the Hacienda.

You see? Those summer nights aren’t so far away after all.

Listen to ‘Melinda‘ below.

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