Watch: JFDR – “White Sun”


Iceland’s JFDR is the newly forged solo project of Jófríður Ákadóttir who’s unmistakable voice also forms the backbone of fellow Icelandic outfits Samaris and Pascal Pinon. But JFDR sees her break out on her own, and the results are as enchanting as you’d expect. 

JFDR’s new track “White Sun” is, in many ways, what you’d expect. The track embraces many of the textural elements of her other projects; rushing synth textures that could be found in a Samaris track resonate under a grass roots, folk influenced guitar line that would sit comfortably with Pascal Pinon. But “White Sun” settles in a delicate space between these elements, and when all this is in the hands of Jófríður, the results are as enchanting as you’d expect and the track resonates with a spacious, gossamer light melody that finds power in its understatement. 

 The clip, filmed on the coast of Ireland, takes in a beautifully desolate landscape and follows Jófríður wondering the sand dunes, face vailed, like a prescient spirit. It’s a bit spooky and a little unsettling, which perfectly suits the tone of the track. 

Watch the video for “White Sun” below. 

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