Guts and Glam… The Lemon Twigs live at London’s Moth Club

the-lemon-twigsIf you were to look up the term ‘hype’ in a post-modern dictionary, it’s safe to say you’d see New York’s The Lemon Twigs, staring right back at you. 

Over the course of the past year, brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario have risen steadily to be at the pinnacle of 2016’s indie underground, culminating with their signing to the legendary 4AD label, who released their debut album Do Hollywood a scant 6 weeks ago.

Following this, it’s needles to say that tonight’s show (28 November) at London’s Moth Club was a ticket so hot that, even as the band took to the stage, a queue of hopefuls waited in sub-zero temperatures in anticipation of catching a glimpse of the D’Addario brothers ‘doing’ London. And ‘do it’ they certainly did.

The gig, as it turns out, was a distinctive show of two halves. The first being fronted by Brian, who bounced around like a toddler after consuming a skip-load of E numbers. But his unbounded energy belied a masterful vocal turn as the band delivered “I Wanna Prove To You” and album stand-out “These Words” that had the crowd jostling as they were commanded to “shake your hips and wrists!” It was like being at a 70s variety show fronted by The Everly Brothers on acid.

The second half of the set saw Brian switch to the drum kit as his bother Michael grabbed the guitar and took their set into heavier territory. Michael’s Bolan-esque strut and snotty confidence was like watching Joey Ramone covering early Queen, especially during “As Long As We’re Together” which had the crowd singing the chorus right back at the stage in unison.

The band also teased some new material from a forthcoming EP, including the blisteringly melodic wig-out “Lights On” and closing track “Queen Of My School”, which was so impossibly catchy that part of the crowd were singing it as they left the venue.

The Lemon Twigs began 2016 with the promise of being your new favourite lo-fi glam-pop band. They’ve just ended it by proving they’re no only that, but a whole lot more.

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