Listen: Low Points’ EP ‘Feels’ delivers an antidote to existential angst


So, 2016 was a wild ride, huh? But there have been more than enough column inches recently dedicated to how those events have affected the psyche of pretty much every individual on the planet. What the world needs now is the opportunity to take a breath. Enter… Low Points.

The Californian four-piece have coalesced from a nebula of other local bands. Fronted by songwriter Kevin Vega (Space Heat) along with Jakob McWhinney (The Soaks, Spooky Cigarette), Frank Mindingall (Ale Mania, Northern Tigers) and long time collaborator Jeremy Hoover, Low Points have the pedigree to jump straight in with a riotous wave of blistering melodic rock that fizzes like a tidal wave receding surf.

Feels is the band’s debut release as a group, and opens with the aptly titled “Life Goes On”. It’s a succinct burst of sunshine infused, guitar driven rock that delivers a heady sing-along chorus. The message is both a personal one and a broad cry that seems more relevant today than ever.

“Daze” delivers a short, sharp sucker-punch of Menzingers style raucousness, while “No Place” and “Vegas” sees the band ease off the gas – a move that gives a little more breathing space, allowing Kevin Vega to showcase his knack for pointedly honest lyricism.

Feels is a melodic, lo-fi, Technicolour swirl that delivers a wealth of self-reflection and optimism, underpinned by a slew of hyperactive hooks that gives the EP a tangible energy that would give Japandriods a serious run for their money.

If the world needs to take a breath, Low Points have just delivered that much needed blast fresh air.

Listen to Feels in its entirety below, then download it from Bleeding Gold Records here.

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