Listen: Wild Ones – “Paresthesia”

wild-onesIf you’ve ever felt uneasy in your own skin, Portland based Wild Ones know exactly where you’re coming from.
“Paresthesia” is the opening track from Wild Ones’ forthcoming album Mirror Touch (due 7 October) and it encapsulates the band’s creativity in a climate where it can be hard to balance a sense of self with expectations.
Named after a condition that causes an uncomfortable physical sensation for no apparent reason, it serves as a metaphor for social anxiety, something that vocalist Danielle Sullivan knows only too well. Describing the process behind the track, she says:
“Paresthesia refers to a time in my life when anxiety was ruling my mind. I was withdrawing from friends, wasn’t leaving my house, and had stopped engaging with the world outside. The song explores strained love in the context of manifested fear.”
But the inspiration for the track is offset by the towering melodies and propulsive hooks of the music. “Parensthesia” is a yin-yang of crystalline sharp melodies coupled with a though provoking core. It’s a mixture that makes Wild Ones’ Mirror Touch one of the most exciting prospects of the year.
Listen to “Parensthesia” below.

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