Lea Porcelain deliver a stark, spacious epic with “Loose Life”

Lea_ProcelainLea Porcelain are a band who have a lot to say. It’s amazing that they can say so much with so little. 

The Frankfurt based duo have recently released heir debut album, Hymns To The Night, and it’s title couldn’t be more appropriate. The album stands as a dense, introspective exploration of the world, not only as it is now, but as it’s been throughout history. And this it perfectly summed up in their new track “Loose Life”.

The song is both urgent and subtly understated as the menacing synths build around a taught, spacious beat which underpins the deep echo-chamber vocals. The whole thing moves with an ominous stealth like Preoccupations with a bit of vintage Joy Division throw in.

The accompanying video shows footage of post-war Berlin in 1945. It’s a stark watch, and a poignant reminder of what can happen when we let ourselves become consumed by social paranoia. The band say of the track:

“The song recalls the feeling of life in a big city that comes apart […] and shows the consequences of war, fear and media-controlled minds. It is meant to recall and provoke a feeling of understanding on how important it is to keep the peace in our everyday lives and politics towards other nations.” 

Watch the video for “Loose Life” below.

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