Out Lines embrace a dark art with new track “Buried Guns”

Out LinesIt’s been said that the greatest of things result from the meeting of minds, and if proof were needed, you don’t have to look further than Out Lines.

The group’s genesis was by way of a collaboration between The Twilight Sad’s James Graham, SAY Award winner Kathryn Joseph and producer Marcus Mackay. The trio obviously forged a foundation they felt was worth building on, and their new track “Buried Guns” shows that these instincts were well founded.

The track is taken from their forthcoming album Conflats, due on 27 October via Rock Action, and it sets a spellbinding president for what’s to come.

Opening with resonant drums and eerie harmonium chords before Graham’s rich baritone ushers in the track like a funeral march slowly working its way through a desolate city. It’s spacious in construction and dense in emotion. Basically, everything you’d hope for from three of Scotland’s most talented artists.

Listen to “Buried Guns” below. You can pre-order Conflats here.

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