Seasonal Beast deliver a dose of melodic psych with “I Can Make You Disappear”

seasonal beastBrooklyn based duo Seasonal Beast have something for you. But it’s not what you might expect. 

When hearing of an indie boy/girl duo from New York it’s easy to make assumptions. We know that those images of guitar/drum alt-rock misfits with carefully curated leather jackets and angular haircuts begin forming, but Seasonal Beast have nothing to do with that. They’re a band who have honed a sound much more akin to late night David Lynch movie scores.

The band, made up of Yuli Beeri (Vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Yuval Semo, have formed a partnership that forms a yin/yang of art-pop balladry and dark atmospherics.

Their new track “I Can Make You Disappear” is a slow burn of Berri’s lush vocals as she delivers the unflinching lines “I can make you disappear / It’s easy, I just gouge my eyes” with a frightening confidence. As the song progresses, a wall of Sabbath-esque distortion rises and comes crashing down into a smooth melodic astral plane.

“I Can Make You Disappear” is a journey into a sultry early hours cityscape it’s difficult to escape from, but who would want to?

Listen to “I Can Make You Disappear” below.

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